MLC(Motion Control+PLC)

Unlike conventional PLC products, servo motor control and synchronization of several servo motor axes are integrated and controlled by one controller which means all motors axes are controlled by SERCOS3 communication method with one controller without additional motion controller. In addition, when PLC programming is carried out, we provide integrated solution using function block of library.

Since tension control and speed control are simultaneously controlled based on the master axis speed value, it is possible to minimize wrinkle in the MD direction of the thin film and maintain tension uniformly in each section during web feed and to feed the feed without the buffer section of the feeder part. Also, in rewinding, it is possible to maintain the tension of rolled rolls constantly and to achieve perfect winding.

Virtual axis synchronization

In order to minimize the mechanical error of the servomotor, it is necessary to use the virtual motor shaft as a master in the program without any mechanical error other than the actual servo motor. It is a method to synchronize up to Max. 64 axis servo motors at the same time. (R2R web feed motion control)